It’s in My Code


“I know I am a racer! I can feel it in my code,” says Vanellope von Schweetz, one of the characters in Disney’s Wreck It Ralph, a movie that takes place behind the screens of video games in a land where all game characters mingle after the arcade closes.

This movie is one of my new favorites, touching my heart and moving me to tears every time I watch it. It addresses many issues that my daughter and I have personally experienced so, in certain scenes, especially the “I’m doing this for your own good,” scene, I cry. Sob, really. I keep thinking it will get easier. It doesn’t.

Vanellope is called “Glitch” by the other characters in her game. Usually her glitching only happens when she gets emotional, causing her bits to jump and scatter and be staticky for a brief moment, then all is well. Because she experiences this glitching, she believes she is fundamentally flawed. And the others capitalize on that, reinforcing time and again that she is not good enough.

A lie repeated often enough become the truth. And, eventually, Vanellope begins calling herself Glitch and the deal is sealed. She is Glitch. The characters in the game believe her glitches will convince the children playing the game that it is broken and needs to be replaced, putting all of the characters of out jobs and leaving them homeless. This further enforces her belief that she is not good enough because she is never allowed to race.

However, there is a part of her that knows she is a racer. She can feel it deep in her code that she was made to race. The others around her have told her lies, reinforced those lies, and created a false truth for her that contradicts her nature. And that contradiction causes stress for her, resulting in the physical manifestation of the glitches.

Life is like that. We are born into this life with everything within us from the start that we need to fulfill our purpose here. It is at the core of us – in our code – that this purpose resides and as long as we live in contradiction with that soul purpose, we are under stress. This stress eventually begins manifesting as physical ailments, disease, disorders, and “glitches.”

Part of the reason we, as a society, are living in contrast to who we really are is because we are taught at a very tender age that our true nature is bad, wrong, or broken. It happens in our homes, our religions, our cultures. Most often, it is not done maliciously. It usually happens as a result of “their” best intent and mostly because “their” disconnect from their own divine truths results in them being unable to understand your divine nature.

When you begin to question the “truth” that you have always believed, you can begin to see the lies you are holding onto. When you question how you are living in relation to what is truly in your “code,” then you have the power to release yourself. As long as you believe you are bad, broken, wrong, or “glitchy,” then that will be what you manifest.

There takes a certain amount of courage to look beyond the “truth” to see the truths of the divine magnificence of who you really are. And I promise you ARE divine and you have a purpose that is based on purity, wholeness, and perfection because, as a newborn child, that was your state of being.


I always welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments. Feel free to jot down what you’re thinking in the comment box below.


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