Wearing the Green

I am a recently-made distributor of some of the most miraculous nutritional support products on the market today – SevenPoint2. It was a while in coming, but I feel so blessed to be part of this alkalizing movement because of how I feel when I am regularly drinking their proteins and greens. In fact, I am so excited about it that, this morning, as I was showering, all I was thinking about was… Green Drink! Green Drink! I want my Green Drink!

As soon as I was decently covered, had my hair brushed, and the water swabbed out of my ears, I raced to the kitchen to put some greens, protein, water and ice in my shaker cup to shake that baby up. It was like Christmas Eve anticipation, let me tell you what! And, I was literally grinning and humming merrily as I compiled the ingredients. Then… I excitedly shook the shaker bottle and this happened:

wearing green

I had two choices (well, maybe a lot of choices, but two were really clear to me). One: pitch a fit and stomp and get angry -or- two: laugh.

It had splashed all over my face, hair, and down the front of my shirt. As I wiped it off my glasses, I began laughing hysterically and I stared at the mess on the counter and the floor. My flip top had not been securely locked in place so the force of my vigorous shaking popped it open. My first thought, amongst the laughter was… Oh no! My Green Drink!!!

That made me laugh more.

I can honestly say that, a few years ago, my response would have been one of rage – rage because I most likely ruined my shirt, rage because now I had messes to clean up, rage because my still-wet hair was now coated in Green Drink. Back then, let’s face it, I was angry all the time. And the reason I was angry all the time was because I was unwilling to actually be angry about anything. Therefore, I stuffed my emotional energy and blocked up a lot of stuff in my world. We humans have only one vehicle in which to experience life – our body – so if one thing is stopped up, everything gets stopped up.

And, let’s get real here. The odds of me doing anything to healthily support my body back then would have been zero-to-none. I hated life because it was a masquerade ball of ongoing misery with a painted, happy face. I was seething mad and jealous of everyone and everything. I hung out with people that matched that energy, thereby causing more seething mad energy. No wonder I hated life. No wonder I didn’t want to live. I was broiling in a cesspool of hate. And I couldn’t see a way out.

I was in that condition when I made the commitment to be fully alive and live in my Love. I really had no idea what I was taking on then, which is a big blessing because part of me knows that the Me, back then, would NOT have taken it on had she known what was ahead. So, in an effort to show off and please my superiors, I spoke that commitment out loud and… voila!… here I am today, laughing about the fact that I just took a shower in Green Drink.

I know that sounds simple. It wasn’t. And I recently had someone say to me, “It seems like you’ve gotten successful over night.”

I laughed and laughed at that because my “over night” has lasted, at least, the last two decades, if not my entire life. It has been, at least, five years since I made that commitment to actually BE alive. Evolution and transformation takes persistence and tenacity and a willingness to recognize even the smallest successes as steps to completion. It is a practice. And, sometimes, in the process of evolving, you simply have to laugh when you find yourself wearing the Green.


I always welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments. Feel free to jot down what you’re thinking in the comment box below.


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