Child’s Touch


I have written before about my chosen family with whom we gather on most Friday nights for Family Game Night. In that group, there are two young, married couples who are currently pregnant and due within two weeks of each other. It is such a blessing to be up close and personal with these two women and to be able to watch their progress on a regular basis, to be witness to the miracle of life burgeoning within them, and to watch the tender love and concern shown from the husbands to the wives.

At a recent game night, we ate a flavorful and aromatic dinner together and it did not sit well with one of the young ladies. She grew pale and obviously uncomfortable as the night wore on. On this same Friday, as I was gathering my stuff to take with me, I felt a nudge to grab my frankincense oil – the oil I use when I do healing work. Having a commitment to listen to my nudges, I grabbed it, musing about why I would need it. As I witnessed her discomfort, I knew why I needed it.

I walked from the dining room, where the game was being set up, and into the living room, where she was stretched out on the couch, trying to find comfort and ease her nausea. I asked her if she would be open to a little bit of healing work, to see if I could get her stomach to settle. With her permission to do so, I went about applying my oil and then sitting at her feet to pull energy through and calm the brewing storm.

As I did that, her nearly-two-year-old daughter came to stand beside her momma’s legs. She stared at me, watching every move I made, with great concern. She was silent, but I could feel her thinking about what was happening and feeling worried about her momma. After sharing some quiet conversation with the young woman, I turned to her daughter and said, “Your momma is going to be okay, sweetie. Everything is fine. You can put your hands on her if you want to. Do you want to touch her?”

She stared at me, eyes locked on mine, speaking silent volumes, but not moving or saying anything out loud. We had an incredible, silent conversation where I felt her decide that she trusted me and what I said, but she was still curious so she watched every move of my hands, soaking it all in.

Moments later, when the quick session was over, and the momma was feeling better, I rose from where I sat and left the room. My friend’s tears rolled silently down her cheeks as she said, “Thank you, Angie. I don’t know how you did it, but the moment you placed your hands on me, the very instant, the nausea went away. Thank you.”

It is moments like that that I feel utterly blessed and honored to carry this healing energy within me, as well as my intuition that guides me. There was a time I was scared of the power and doubted its effects. However, now, I place my hands, energy, and intentions wherever I am able – whenever I can – and I sing praises for every opportunity to be of loving service to humanity. I am so humbled by this calling…

A couple minutes later, I came back through the room to find the little girl sitting just as I had been sitting, in the same exact spot at her mother’s feet, with her hands on her momma’s ankles, just as mine had been.

My friend said to me, “As soon as you moved, she sat down and said, ‘Touch?’ and then put her hands on my feet like you were doing.”

I smiled at the young girl and she nodded imperceptibly and then said to me, “Momma alright. I touch,” as she moved her hands exactly as I had done and then delicately held her mother’s big toes between her tiny fingers, just as I had done in the end.

I felt a wave of love, awe, and humility wash over me as I witnessed this child’s natural abilities to heal come to light right before my eyes. I watched as she lovingly poured her energy into her momma and filled her up, just as I had witnessed her momma do for her all her young life. And I watched as she innocently trusted the power of her love’s ability to move mountains.

It was such an incredible experience to watch how she duplicated my intentional movements and to be able to feel her innately know how to clear her own energy. I was moved to near tears to know that she had trusted me enough to care for her momma, while watching me and learning what I do, and then emulating me. I was so humbled to know that, even though I hadn’t intended to, I had taught her to trust herself, love her innate gifts, and BE the healer that she is, all simply because I loved her momma and followed my impulse to provide a spontaneous healing session.

It was a reminder of the fact that there is always someone watching, observing, learning from, listening to. It was a testament to the power of love and trust. And, it was an affirmation of the strength of my teaching influence… even when (or, maybe, especially when) I am not intending to be an educator.


I always welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments. Feel free to jot down what you’re thinking in the comment box below.


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