What’s Love Got To Do With It?


Often times, my clients, my readers, my listeners, or people in the general population with whom I cross paths, will say to me, “Angie, there is no possible way that you can be that happy all. the. time.

I invite you to look at that belief.

Mostly because, I am that happy all. the. time.

Now, if you’ve been around this here blog for any given amount of time, then you are aware that I actually am human and I do have a life. You’ve read about my self-disempowerment. You’ve read about the massive grieving period I’m in right now, the reason for that grief – which, the reason is still, to me, unbelievable at times – and you are aware that I feel sadness, anger, and fear – sometimes, even, all at once.

Thing is, I choose Love. I choose it. I choose to see the Essence of the Divine within each experience and within each person that crosses my path.I choose to return to Love when I am angry, sad, or fearful. I choose to be Love, be Joy, be Peace.

It is my choice to live this way because I have discovered that, by doing so, my life is enriched. My process of grieving with my best friend the loss of her family members has been edified by the depths of Joy and Love that has been ever-present through the process. While I am feeling grief, or anger, or sadness, or rage, or fear, or any of the “negative” emotions that can be considered uncomfortable (sidenote: even joy, happiness, celebration, and the “positive” emotional experience can be uncomfortable for some people) and have the reputation of canceling joy, can actually be experienced in conjunction with joy, love, and peace.

Any emotion can be experienced and expressed in unlimited ways. Sadness does not have to be expressed through stillness, weeping, and wailing; it can be expressed through movement, silence, and even laughter. How you experience your life is your choice. I cannot stress that enough. Every single aspect of your life IS a choice.

Are you choosing to experience your life by tradition? By following in the footsteps of your parents and their parents and their parents? Are you a trailblazer, willing to experience the frontier of life in your way, through your emotional expression? Are you looking for richness and depth never before experienced?

If you are “stuck” or dissatisfied with how your life is running, it is an indication that something is out of alignment with your Essence – your divine nature. And it is an opportunity to ask yourself… am I living the life that *I* want to live?

Love has everything to do with it, in my life, because that is my Essence, my divine nature. By choosing to be in Love, I am choosing me time and again. That choice, to choose ME is the reason I am happy. all. the. time.


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