Perhaps More About Me than You Want to Know

faith and trust

  1. I have the ability to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel things that other humans in the room with me most often cannot. In the beginning of my life, this made me “evil” so I denied it and, therefore the Gifts went away. When my daughter was born, they came back on, startling me into remembering that I am actually the “witch” I always wanted to be. Funny, that. I was what I wanted to be in the beginning, but I relied on others to tell me whether that was good or not – it wasn’t – and I let it go. Common theme to my earlier years.
  2. I LOVE music. Most music delights me. Everything from classic full symphony music to jazz to pop to country to hard rock and everything in between. I really love bluegrass! I do not like screamo, acid rock, or vulgar rap. I believe that every life should have a soundtrack so I have a few songs that are “mine” and this belief also makes me profoundly grateful to the makers of the iPod and streaming audio. My music is now easily portable. While I love the sound of pianos, I do not like plinkety-plink songs. While I love jazz, I despise skat. For me, both skat and plinkety-plink pianos are like someone running their fingernails on the chalkboard. Ugh! *shuddering*
  3. I have trusted others above and before myself for most of my life. This has often led to heartache and devastation. Mostly because I have left myself out of the equation of my own life. I am learning to believe in me and trust myself first these days. It’s a delightful change. And, I’ve found the answer to my own question… yes, you CAN teach someone to trust.
  4. I believe in faeries, unicorns, and all things mystical and mythological. This belief has led me into some incredible experiences where I’ve been able to experience the mystical and mythological. Which, in turn, has removed the mythology and has made it real.
  5. I am a romantic at heart. I swoon and love to be wooed. Those movies where the “boy” makes a grand gesture of love for the “girl”… yes, well, while they are entirely over-the-top sappy, I totally love them.
  6. I laugh loudly. When I was in junior high, I was friends with a group of girls who also laughed loudly. We were “inappropriately” loud, according to others. I loved it and, at the same time, I curbed it because I wanted those idiots to like me. So I stopped laughing loudly. It didn’t work. They didn’t like me any more than they did when I laughed loudly and all I accomplished was losing my laugh. When I got older, I realized I missed that. Now I laugh loudly. And, wonderfully enough, I attract friends who also laugh loudly. And I laugh from my belly.
  7. I have a worldwide emotional sensory system. I learned that the day they killed Bin Laden and the world went into emotional upheaval. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown.
  8. I love chocolate.
  9. I really love movies. If the movie is good, I can watch it over and over and over without tiring of it. I am able to hear messages and training in movies that others often miss. I know if the movie is going to be training for me by how I respond to the previews. I do not like movies about demonic possession… other than Constantine… for some reason, that movie ranks among my top ten.
  10. I am able to feel your pain. Especially if it is pain you are hiding or unwilling to face. I’m able to feel that. It doesn’t stick with me. I don’t take it on. But I can help you release it if you have the courage to do so.
  11. People are sometimes frightened by me because I can see into them. I have a strict code that I do not look until they have asked and have expressed permission for me to do so. Even then, when they’ve requested and I look, especially when I’m not in session with them, I am dead on with my knowing in less than 30 seconds and it freaks people out. I’ve had people turn away from me and leave rooms because they don’t want me to see them. They forget that, when I break the connection of seeing, then I no longer see them. I stop looking. Their inner world is theirs and is not mine to be spying on.
  12. I have gone paragliding. It was one of the most liberating experiences I’ve had… to fly like that… wow!
  13. I love creating art in any form. I love being able to sit down and allow inspiration to flow and create the art that needs to come forth. People often say to me that they find healing in my art, they see things that I did not consciously put in there, and they are often drawn to a specific piece of art for reasons they cannot understand until later, after looking at it for awhile.
  14. I used to be a shopaholic. I could drop hundreds of dollars in under 20 minutes and not give it a second thought. Thing is, I didn’t have the money to support it on an ongoing basis so it became a detriment. I eventually curbed the manic desire to shop like that. And now I’ve swung in the opposite direction and never shop unless I absolutely need to shop. I am willing to swing the pendulum to center and balance, now.
  15. I still believe in “Happily Ever After” and that there IS the “right person” for me somewhere. I believe there are many right people for each of us. I also believe that there is one person with whom I will feel deliciously matched and mated. Additionally, I believe that the “one person” can change as time rolls on… that the “one person” doesn’t necessarily mean that the “one person” will be there forever.
  16. I like to lay on the grass and gaze up at the sky.
  17. For over a decade now, I have had visions of living in a bungalow cottage with hard wood floors and flowing white curtains. There have been a couple times over those years that it nearly manifested, but I was relying on someone else to provide it for me. I get, now, that this bungalow is mine to manifest. It feels really close.
  18. Sometimes, when I “should” shut up, I don’t. I have yet to master the art of holding my tongue when I see, feel, hear, or know something that other humans are refusing to experience. I’ve gotten better at asking if they want to hear what it is that I’m experiencing, but there are times that I still blurt it out. When I don’t blurt it out and reveal myself, it is an interesting experience to be in the space and just be witness to it all.
  19. I question everything. As a curious person, I generate questions quickly. I believe that, if I want to know something, then I need simply ask directly about what I want to know. At times, I forget that society believes in “personal space filters” and I forget to buffer my questions. When I’m ravenously curious about a topic, person, object, or place… I start watching and absorbing so I don’t have to ask as many questions. When I’m working on a team, I’ve been told I am invaluable in the brainstorming process and that I come up with questions that others don’t even think about.
  20. When I love, I love wholly and unendingly. That has been an interesting thing to learn about myself because, for a very long time, I didn’t understand that loving someone can mean letting them go and freeing myself.
  21. There are still times when I receive a private message, email, or response to something I have written or created and I find myself stunned to know that there are people listening to and watching me.
  22. I have mastered the art of forgiveness with everyone but myself. I am my harshest critic and, in the past, I have held on to my “wrongs” for a long time. I have began to love myself enough to forgive myself too.
  23. I love caramelized onions.
  24. I am just now realizing how powerful of a manifestor I am. I’ve given the credit to other people, recognizing in them their ability to speak into being practically anything they want. My aunt is a master at this! For me, in the past, I used my power to destroy myself, rather than support my life. It has only been within the last year that I have begun to manifest – and recognize that I am – for my own good. It is delicious!
  25. I believe that we are all in this together. We will all get out together or none of us will. Therefore, I believe that helping humankind to raise its collective vibration is of importance to me. I choose to hold out a helping hand where I feel inspired to do so. I look for the opportunities to spread Love and I hold Hope in my heart that we will come together as One, war will cease, all will be fed, and abuses of all kinds will end. I believe in the good in every person. And I believe that Love heals everything.

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