Times Like This

Earlier this morning, I sat down to write. I heard, No, Angie. Wait.

I paused. Took a deep breath. And waited.


So I shut my computer and went about my work.

A few hours later, after a couple projects were underway and at a point where I felt like a break was needed, I sat down to write. I heard, No, Angie. Wait.

I paused again. Took another deep breath. And another one. And waited.

Still nothing.

Now I know why. Something big began happening just 90 minutes after I woke up this morning. I just didn’t know it. Until 1:50 pm this afternoon when I got the first broken call.

I know many of you know how much Jen from Everyday Joy means to me. She is my best friend and we have been through so much together. I don’t have the words right now to express all that I’m feeling so I will focus on the facts.

These are the details I have been given permission to share:

Her daughter, son-in-law, and unborn grandson were involved in a car accident this morning. The emergency technicians kept her daughter alive in an effort to birth the baby via emergency c-section. The baby, who was due next week, was born whole and healthy, but chose to join his parents soon after his birth. These three beautiful people passed from this earth today and will be together forever now.

Please hold Jen, her family – especially Jen’s son, Tom – and all involved in a space of Love and security.

And, as for me, I am willing to admit that I am in a space of total disbelief and unbearable grief. I love Jen’s two kids as my own. And now one of them is gone.

There is no answer to the question, “Why?!”


2 responses

  1. So hard. So sad. Kindest thoughts your way.

    January 19, 2013 at 9:27 pm

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