Hidden Message

Heart Of Love by George Hodan

A while back, I attended a weekend-long seminar about facing into our fears and releasing old beliefs. It was a powerful experience wherein I learned a lot. While in that atmosphere, one of the facilitators said quietly to me on a break, “Angie, having you here makes this experience so rich.”

Her words to me were such a gift. I remember feeling the warmth of them flowing through me and filling me to overflowing. It was incredible to be standing in front of a woman I so admire and being in an experience that was transforming me in every moment and to have her say something like that to me. She had told me about the workshop on inspiration, just two days before they were hosting it and things had worked out that I was able to attend. The Universe conspired to get me there. It was one of the pivotal turning points in my journey.

When I came home that night, I wrote those words with a black Sharpie on the upper left corner of my bathroom mirror. It is there for me – and everyone else who uses that bathroom – to see every time I enter the room. I read it consciously a couple times a day. I imagine I read it subconsciously over and over and over.

Looking at and reading it has become such a habit, I didn’t realize I was doing until this morning when I entered the room just after my daughter got out of a steaming-hot, long shower. I glanced up at the statement and only know that I had because something unusual caught my attention. There was a smudge in the steam on the mirror.

Two steps into the room, I could make out a “U” on the surface. I kept studying it and as I got all the way in the room, I discovered the hidden message written identifiably in my daughter’s writing: I LOVE YOU.

Tears filled my eyes as I read the secret words over and over, marveling at the surprise I found there and finding out later that she had written it long ago, but I had never been in the room at just the right time to have it revealed. Those three words, written for me to find at just the right time, were a perfect start to this day.

There are times when I need to hear (or read) a message and I don’t even know the need existed until it is satisfied. I do believe that all humans have the need to know they are loved, safe, cherished. I believe it’s important that we express our love to those we love. And I also believe that even a stranger’s smile and kind words can transform someone’s experience into one of love and appreciation.

Every moment of your life is a Love Choice Point. In each interaction – with yourself and others – you have an opportunity to fill the space with Love. In what surprising ways have you expressed Love – for yourself and others? I would love it if you shared your sweet ideas here in a comment – ways that you’ve touched another’s heart or your own or ways that your heart has been touched.


2 responses

  1. Elaine

    I have had something like this. A few years back I wrote a note to Duane letting him know that I loved him and appreciated having him in my life. I put the note on the refrigerator for him to see. It had been up there for a very long time and then one day I seen that it was gone. Just prior to us moving I found the note back up on our refrigerator with a note back to me. It was a note below mine written by Duane to me saying that I was very special and sweet. That he appreciated me very much and that he loved me. I caught that at the right time. I am uncertain how long the note was back up on the refrigerator but at the moment something caught my eye that I remembered my note but realized that something else was on the note. It made for my day!

    January 22, 2013 at 7:03 am

    • I love all the different stories that have come in since I published this blog post. Thank you for sharing yours!

      January 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm

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