Doing and Redoing

snow plow

Stopped at a red light the other day, stuck in the mess of a huge winter storm, I thought about the four snowplows that had pulled out in front of me the block before. I felt appreciative of their skill of clearing the roads and making it a little safer to drive in the winter. As I watched them, stopped the appropriate 200 feet behind them, it began snowing. Hard.

As it snowed, the red-grey bleck on the road in front of me was soon coated in a dusting of white. I watched the snow fall and wondered if snowplow drivers ever feel frustrated about that condition of their job. Even as I wondered, I heard my cynical brain say, “Of course not. It’s job security.”

I pondered that for a bit. One of my biggest pet peeves is “wasting” my time on something that I’ll have to do again – especially if it’s because the original guidelines of the project were not clearly delineated. For most of my life, I’ve looked at laundry with derision for the very fact that unless I’m standing there buck-naked with every stitch of clothing I own in the washer/dryer right then, then I am not ever done. I will have to do it again. That, even as I’m putting the clean clothes away, I am in the process of creating yet another batch.

Thing is, though, if it is something I’m passionate about – healing, creating art, writing – I am willing to change directions all together or, even, repeat the process until I feel it is complete. It doesn’t matter how many times I need to start again when it is part of my purpose because I know that every do-over, every repeat, every different way is leading me toward my Essence.


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