Choosing Prosperity

Choosing Prosperity

One of the things that I love to do is play the Prosperity Game. I have done it for years and, just recently, they took it down off the internet to revamp it. Now it is a lush, rich experience – a feast for the eyes, as well as the mind and spirit – that encourages prosperity thinking.

When I first started playing the game, I went willy-nilly at it. The checks were amounts that I was used to regularly receiving so I knew exactly what “needed” to be done with them. I was missing the point that it was about playing and I kept doing what “had to be done” with the money. The game wasn’t fun for me with this mindset, as you can imagine, so I asked myself if I could play a different way.

I wanted to accomplish something with the money I was being given. I wanted to share it and save it and grow it. Soon, I was dividing it into chunks… 10% charity… 10% savings… 10% investment. And I began another savings account for big purchases and so then I needed to track it. Soon, I developed  a very strict protocol as to how I would “play” the game. Yes. You read right. There was as strict protocol for playing. I’m funny like that.

I would open up my spreadsheet with columns of information and formulas. I would make sure the date was correct, add in the amount and disburse the money that I knew would be waiting for me inside the game – all before I actually logged into the game. I played this way for a long time before realizing I was spending my money before it even got to me. Uh-oh. That is a very familiar pattern.

As soon as I made myself aware of the fact that I was spending my money before it got to me in the game, just as I was doing in real life, I stopped that immediately. Instead, I would log into the game, read through all the tidbits and delicious quotes, lovingly read the check and smile about all the beautiful words and money on it, then I would open the spreadsheet and begin the recording of how I would spend my money. I’d track the charity amount – without actually choosing a real live charity that I would donate it to because, really, come on, it’s just a game. I’d look at how much cushion I had in savings, loving how that money grew effortlessly – without actually listening to the voice that was screaming, “The rainy day fund isn’t growing fast enough!” And I’d marvel at how my investments were growing my money – without any idea how investing works or in what ways I was investing my money.

Just a few days ago, I realized I was playing the game still in scarcity. So I asked myself, yet again, if there was a way to play it differently to enforce prosperity thinking. That day, I followed the protocol. However, as I allotted the charity amount, I actually watched myself walking into a local domestic violence shelter – the location of which is secured and I’m aware of it only because I’ve been an overnight resident there. I watched myself write out the check for the charity amount allotted that day and I watched the eyes of the women in the office fill with tears and relief. I felt the gratitude and abundance flow through me. Cool!

Then, with the savings, I realized I was being really a Scrooge in that arena and I withdrew it all to pay off the bungalow cottage I had purchased in my mind. In one fell swoop, I felt joy and freedom. My house was paid for and I felt rich! When it came time to invest, I actually did a little research and found companies that I wanted to invest in. I didn’t care if they would make me money. I chose them based on their mission statements and purpose – that is MY purpose… to be of support and service to those in their purpose.

That day, when I was done playing the game, I felt uplifted and energized. I felt excited for the next round and curious about what I would create next. I felt… gasp!… prosperous!

I played with this new protocol for a few days. Each time I played this way, I felt so expansive. It was incredible to feel that prosperity growing within me and how I was playing with the universe, the money, the energy. Such a vast improvement.

Today, however, when I logged in, I heard, Angie, is there any way to play this game differently to enhance your prosperity thinking?

Given that I had found a way to have fun with it, I momentarily couldn’t imagine there being a different way. As soon as I heard myself think that, I realized I was still in scarcity. In abundance, ALL things are possible. Therefore, it could actually be possible that there was another way.


I sat there for a few moments, staring at my screen, mouse hovering over my spreadsheet.

What if you don’t open that spreadsheet, Angie? What if you release yourself from the bonds of NEEDING to track that money? What would happen then?

I felt the fear rising to monumental levels. If I don’t track it, I won’t know how much there is. I won’t know where it’s going. I won’t know how much I’ve saved or invested. I won’t…


I was still in lack and scarcity. Sneaky me.

So… in all faith – and reminding myself that it IS a game – I left the spreadsheet closed. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and asked, “Angie, what do you want to do today with the money you have received?”

Here is what happened:

I see me doing something fun like a hot air balloon ride with a big sack of cash. At the pinnacle, as the sun crests the mountain, I open the money bag and sprinkle it down on the earth. I feel the heat of the flame above me. I smell the scent of the propane fueling the flame. I hear the flame bursting every now and then, the wind on my skin and in my hair, the sound of the bills rustling against each other in the bag. I see the pink, gold, and purple bursts of sunrise, the tops of trees and the glittering money as it tumbles over itself on its floating journey to earth. I feel the velvet in my hands, the rivets of the balloon’s basket. I laugh and I cry. I feel liberation, gratitude, joy, and appreciation. I feel excited for those who will eventually cross paths with the offerings I have made. I smile.

Once again, I am reminded that everything in my life IS a choice – even when it comes to playing a game.


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