Closing of the Year

As is tradition here, in my world, I like to take a moment at the end of each year to remember all I’ve experienced and learned throughout the previous 365 days. This year has been filled with amazing opportunities of growth, transformation, and accountability. I’ve experienced laughter that rolled on until I cried. I’ve experienced tears of sadness that rolled until I laughed. I’ve been witness to births, deaths, and marriages. I’ve been in the space of miracles, magic, and profound beauty. I have taught, learned, spoke, and listened. I have been willing, open, and curious. I have facilitated healing and witnessed breathtaking transformation and courage unbound. I have dreamt, built, accomplished, and surrendered incredible dreams.

Looking back over this year, I feel so much gratitude welling inside and overflowing into the space around me. The year started off with a gloriously blue sky and I felt powerful and empowered and it is ending with a reminder of abundance and gentle healing.

As a visionary, I have vivid dreams. Frequently. In these dreams, there are messages for me to share or lessons I learn from. I dreamt about what happens when I choose to create to please others and lose myself in the process. I dreamt about my relationship with money. I also battled with my own personal fear demons while I fitfully slept. And then I explored love, faith, and trust in the eternal reflections of mirrored walls.

I completed a four-year-long project, Intrinsic Universe, which is a transformational card deck. I published them, and brought them out into the world for people to enjoy and empower their own transformations. I also completed another project, a new book – this one was about six years in the making – called City of Certainty. I created videos for uplifting, growing appreciation, reminding, releasing, and clearing.  I started The Fundamentals series over on Moments of Awakening in conjunction with Everyday JoyAnd, in school, I learned about my own habit of overachievement, trusting in Divine Timing, and just how much I’ve learned and what I can now do with that learning.

I felt and moved through a wide range of emotions. Learning from anger, experiencing rage, flowing with immense grief and expressing joy.

Love, being my core purpose here on earth, could be found through much that I’ve experienced this year. It is in how I experience my life, and it was there when I learned that I believed that others showed me love and concern by being mean. Love was there when my car broke down and I was stranded in the mountains on a hot summer day. Love was there in the early morning hours as I honored my Grandpa Vic who had just passed away. And love was there – is always there – when I heal from within and remember that loving myself first is the key to a life without abuse.

2012 has been an incredible gift and I am so grateful to be fully alive and living in my love. And, on the heels of that, I am so curious about 2013!


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