Change in the Wind


It’s winter here. Some days, it is snowy, messy, and bloody cold. Other days, the inversion begins settling over the valley like a dirty blanket of gray-green pea soup. Some days it’s below freezing. Other days it’s 50 degrees. The fun of living in Utah is… the climate is fairly flaky and difficult to count on so it’s always an adventure.

Much like the weather, my life changes on a dime. I’ve discovered that, even when *I* am on a certain path, things can happen to send me veering off course into an entirely different direction. One of the things I’ve learned to master is the art of spontaneous change. I used to fight it. I used to whine about it. I used to pitch fits of grand proportions. However, now I’ve come to realize that all that fighting was using up energy I could otherwise be applying to rolling with the change that was happening – and was going to continue to happen no matter how hard I fought it.

The really cool thing is, I’ve discovered a magnificent truth: *I* am the creator of my own reality. Even though I heard that seemingly hundreds of times, it never really made sense to me. Until now. Suddenly, I understand that my reality is my reality. It is what *I* see. It is what *I* experience. It is what *I* expect. And, even if someone is standing there right alongside me, doing and experiencing the exact same thing in the exact same moment, they will still experience it differently because that is their experience.

For a long time, I thwarted my own existence because I was so willing to battle for the Victim seat. I called in many Villains to prove that I was truly Queen of the Victims and very few Heroes to save me from myself. Because, I really, really, really wanted to be the victim.

No more.

I have found the power to transform my life by being willing to change my perception, change my thoughts, change my focus. I have found where my Victim prevails and have learned to listen to her words. I’ve also realized that my experience of being the Queen of the Victims is a perfect proving ground for healing the victim, scarcity, lack, and destruction mentality that is overwhelming the planet. Hence the reason I can kick serious ass in my energy healing sessions! I’ve been there, done that, and have the bumper sticker to show you that I have.

I am grateful for this journey, for knowing who I am know, why I am here and what it means to truly CREATE my life. I am grateful, now, for every change in the wind. Mostly because I’ve come to realize that the Wind is my ally!


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