12:12 12-12-12


Today, something really cool is happening. The numbers are lining up in a very interesting pattern… 12:12 12-12-12  I love when things like that happen. I love playing with patterns and patterns are the most friendly way I have found for me to interact with numbers. So, today, I’m super happy about the twice-appearing pattern. The first one happened while I was asleep, but I’m fully awake for the second one and I am happy about that.

I know there are people out there who believe that today marks the beginning of something or the end of something else. I’ve heard that there is a faction of people that believe today is the date for a huge revelation or some sort of fulfillment of some archaic prophecy. I’ve even heard that today is the beginning of Theeee END of the world as we know it (cue R.E.M. song).

I know that, for those who are into numerology, this is a big pattern number. Any time a number repeats itself, it’s significant and then, on top of that, the repeating number is a twelve, which is a master number and significant all on its own. Thing is, though, it’s not really 12-12-12, but rather 12-12-TWO THOUSAND TWELVE, which totally changes the numerological sequence. 12-12-12 adds up to 9, which IS the number of endings. But, 12-12-2012 adds up to 11, which is a totally different animal. So, really, numerologically, I don’t see the need to freak.

For me, today is another day to appreciate my life. It is a day to look for the magic and celebrate it. It is a day to celebrate my mother – as it is her birthday. It is a day to relish in the quiet of my day, since all assignments are complete for school and almost all tests are done. It is a day to rejoice in my blessings, my loved ones, the miracles that are all around me. It is a day to practice acts of random kindness and love. It is a day to smile at a stranger and connect with friends. It is a day to take into account all of the marvelous aspects of my life and the areas where I am still wanting to shift. It is a day to recommit to moving forward in my purpose, creating new paths, and choosing healthier beliefs. It is a day for hugging. It is a day for holding hands. It is a day for laughter and an opportunity to release through gentle tears.

And, most importantly, it is a day to be beautifully, magnificently, lovingly, fully ALIVE!

Blessed be!

photo credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc


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