Last week, I had the opportunity to do a session facilitated by Jen of Everyday Joy around some old beliefs. She is, by the way, the most powerful spiritually-based belief coach I’ve ever met. She mentors her clients by living her life to the fullest and I am so grateful I am teamed up with her.

During this session, she asked me, “Angie, what does success look like to you?”

I was absolutely stunned by the question, speechless, and stricken dumb. I sat there, staring at the floor, wondering what on earth she had just said. While all the words were English and I knew the root meaning of every one of them, the short sentence had sounded a lot like some foreign language – and an ancient foreign language, at that. Gibberish of the highest order.

Sometimes, healing takes a lot longer than I think it’s going to. Sometimes the answers come through in a flash and I’m on my way. Other times, like with this, it takes space, time, curiosity, and persistence to find the release. I’ve taken a week to process that question, breaking it down bit by bit to get to the meaning of the words. And it wasn’t until this morning that I actually felt inspired to start answering the question.

I’ve gotten clear on my own definition of success now, how it feels to be successful, what I experience when I’m successful, and how life flows when I am successful. I’ve created a picture of that for myself that involves all of my senses and I feel excited, now, about what I will next create because I am clear on what success means to me.

Now, I’m curious. What does success look like to you? How does it feel? What do you experience?


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