Inspired Action

toasted biscuits

The other day, as I made breakfast, I glanced to my right and the bag of homemade biscuits came into view. They were about the size and shape of an English Muffin. Stirring my scrambled eggs, I felt curious for a few moments and then felt a nudge to slice open one of the butter-flake biscuits and toast it. I had never done such a thing, but felt excited to experience the results.


Following inspired action is something we talk about frequently in The Fundamentals series over on Moments of AwakeningRecently, I had a listener ask, “What, exactlydo you mean when you talk about inspired action?”

Inspired action is anything that leads you toward your soul-purpose, toward love and joy. It is when you have a seemingly new idea that makes you go “Hmmmm…” (different than the song – this is in a joyful way, instead of a suspicious way.) Now, one could argue that me toasting the biscuit wasn’t really anything that would lead me along the path of my purpose. However, it was a completely delightful surprise and the experience of it increased my appreciation. When you appreciate anything, it increases the value of it and when you are in a state of appreciation, you’re in a space to attract more experiences to appreciate.

The toasting of that biscuit was an idea that came through during a moment of curiosity. That is how inspiration comes through – in that open space of curiosity and wonder. I felt curious about why I was seeing the biscuit in that exact moment and I was open to receiving inspiration. If I am specifically looking for direction on how to move forward in my purpose, I ask, “In this moment, is (fill in the blank) for my highest good?” or “Will (fill in the blank) move me toward my purpose?” and then I wait for my body to respond.

My body has all of the answers and it is always honest. I’ve learned how to hear my body’s “yes” and “no” response so that it is a fast, subtle process to receive an answer. I can ask any question that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” and I immediately receive the response. This is called “muscle testing.” It is a tool that is accessible to me 24/7 for free. No expensive training, coaching, or schooling is needed for this tool.

And, sometimes, inspiration leads to fun, new, scrumptious treats.


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