All or None

I did an Intrinsic Universe reading yesterday morning that was, well, if I do say so myself…. INCREDIBLE! Doing readings is one of my favoritest things in the whole wide world and I love it when someone trusts me enough to look into their soul and pull forth the answers for their questions – spoken or unspoken. I especially get a kick out of it when I ask them to focus on their intent, without speaking it aloud to me, and then watch their eyes pop out of their head when I nail the intent right on the head. Super cool!

At any rate, in this reading yesterday, I had a message come through for the client in the form of a cliche I have heard before: Either you all get out or none of you do.

I’ve thought about that message since uttering it and have wondered about whether humanity will be able to pull it off. For about a decade now, I’ve been associating with people who believe several things about December 21, 2012. Some people believe it is the end of the world. Some people believe it is the date of an earth-altering, worldwide, cataclysmic event. Some people believe it is the beginning of the Ascension. Whatever they believe, in many people’s minds, there will be something happening on December 21, 2012.

Since I hold to the belief that my life is what I make of it – and the same goes for everyone else – I believe that, whatever they are expecting to happen on 12/21/12, it will happen, somehow because, what you focus on grows … and all the other happy horsepooh that the conscious thinking community spouts… My understanding of this year, 2012, is that it is the year that humanity gets to choose whether they want to be on this planet or not. People get to make the choice as to whether they want to live or die.


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As I have continued to think about the message, I inevitably end up thinking about Noah’s Ark. While I don’t believe some major flood is going to sweep the planet and wipe us out or that Earth is going to rock, roll and then explode, I do believe that humanity is being asked to return to its humanity. To stop the inhumane treatment of humans around the globe. So many systems here in America need to change – education, money, government in general – and, as these systems change and we are asked to change our old ways, do things differently, it will bring out the best and worst in people.

It is true in that, for humanity to start to thrive, our beliefs about ourselves and one another must first change. Our ancestors created a fear-driven world full of consumers and very limited on producers. In addition, they started the divisive process of inequality and segregation due to differences that is still running rampant around the globe. There is division between gender, race, religion, nationality, age, financial class, education level, and sexual orientation. These practices have produced a planet filled with cliques of the “haves” and “have nots” and the continual practice of these beliefs and divisiveness will lead to the destruction of humankind – at our own hands.

It is true. Either we all get out or none of us will. I am choosing to focus on Light, Love, and Compassion in the hopes that I will create a life full of dynamic humanness, thereby creating a wave of Light, Love, and Compassion to bathe the planet. Join me?


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