Magic in the Mourning

Yesterday was magical.

From the very early start of the day – waking before the sun had even begun to think about rising – until I crawled into bed feeling emotionally satiated and overflowing with love, the entire day was deliciously beautiful. One of the things that I most appreciated about the gathering of loved ones around my grandfather’s resting place was all the love and smiles as people converged in the Provo City Cemetery. I noticed that my family climbed out of their cars and ran to joyously embrace one another, reveling in the opportunity to be together – no matter the reason.

One of the things that Grandpa Vic had always said was that he didn’t want there to be a funeral. No sadness. No gnashing of teeth and wailing. No blubbering. No! When he died, he wanted it simple and he wanted there to be laughter.

We delivered upon his wishes full-heartedly.

I experienced a nest of love and laughter. There were tears that fell and memories shared, but the overall sensation of the day was absolute sheer joy.

Death is an interesting thing. It can be a catalyst for change in the ones still living. It can be the reason for living life more fully. It can be cause for celebrating the ones still with you. It can be a reason to come together and revel in the joy of having family, loved ones, friends. It can be a cause to celebrate the memories, laugh together and embrace one another just a little bit longer.

And for me, yesterday was all that and more. Grandpa, I love you.


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