A Montage of Sensory Experiences

I am changed.

On this past Friday, as I spoke about in my recent post Healing Through Touch, I had the honor of being the hands-on healer for a women’s retreat facilitated by Auretha Callison at the Montage Deer Valley Resort. I’ve known Miss Auretha for many years and, honestly, she has been a great teacher for me in the discovering of myself. I’ve had tender, loving, vulnerable moments with her. I’ve had combative moments with her. I’ve had times when I couldn’t be near her because I was being triggered emotionally, for whatever reason. And then, other times, she and I could curl up next to each other and just bask in our friendship.

So, when I happened to get onto facebook at the exactly perfect time a few days ago, it was just a couple minutes after Auretha posted her search for a “touch therapist” for her retreat and, therefore, it was near the top of my newsfeed. There was an instant YES! for me when I saw the invite. I had no idea when the retreat was, where it was or what sort of “touch therapist” she was looking for. Every part of me knew that *I* was the one who was supposed to be there.

On so many levels, it was absolute perfection. The place. The atmosphere. The women in attendance. The experience. The luxury. The facilitating. The healing. All of it from beginning to end – all. of. it. was sheer Divinity at work. I got to be fully in an experience of living my dream. I was assisting women in healing at a retreat in a beautiful resort. It was exactly what I’ve longed for since I went to massage school 8 years ago. For eight years, I have held onto the vision of Sanctuary. And 48 hours ago, I began experiencing a small portion of that vision. I am speechless with wonder.

That day started out with a delightful drive up Parley’s Canyon through the mountains bedecked in autumnal glory and draped in heavy-laden winter-gray clouds. I was greeted by three gentlemen valets wearing smiles that stretched from ear to ear – and, honestly, every single employee I encountered at the Montage wore smiles! One of these gentlemen walked around the car and opened my door for me. He informed me that he would park my car as a complimentary courtesy and I floated out into the entryway, feeling lightheaded and regal. The other two valets smiled and slightly bowed their heads to me as the doorman opened the grand door and bowed to me, sweeping his arm through the doorway to usher me inside.

Montage Deer Valley Collage 01

I followed his directions to find the spa and when I stepped off the elevator onto the fourth floor, I found myself surrounded in unimaginable beauty, serenity and gentle, humble abundance and wealth. Everyone who greeted me addressed me as though I was a Queen, speaking in soft tones with gentle smiles and a slight bow in my direction. I was led to the Women’s Spa and given a key to an elegant locker – even the key ring was elegant. My servant gave me my own spa sandals and opens the locker to reveal a white silk and fleece monogrammed robe and left me to get comfortable.

As I stood there, staring breathlessly at that which I had been given, I cried. Silent, warm tears of rejoicing as the full impact of what I had truly manifested on my own behalf sank into every cell of my body. I felt my fibers tingling and sparkling. The tears wouldn’t stop. They fell gently as I allowed myself to absorb the reality of I AM HERE!

Montage Deer Valley Collage 02

Everywhere I turned, there was beauty beyond belief. Montage is a feast for the senses. I found myself surrounded by all the elements… water… fire… earth… air… metal… There were scents wafting through the air, a symphony of deliciousness… relaxing music and the sounds of hot stones sizzling, effervescent water and steam… delectable lemon water, teas, dried fruit and granola… plush towels, hot water, hot steam, cool pools, cushy lounges… and the most luxurious photography throughout the entire place.

I moved slowly through the space, familiarizing myself with the sheer enormity of the place and allowing myself to take in the experience little by little, stretching myself to take in more and more joy gently so that I would not overload myself and pop myself out of the rich, expansive experience of utter appreciation.

Montage Deer Valley Collage 03

When I met up with Auretha about 90 minutes after I had arrived, we lounged beside the pool, nestling in our thick robes and drinking water and tea, she shared with me her vision of what she wanted to create for the women that day. As she shared, I felt stunned as, inside, all the pieces started falling into place and my body realized that I really had manifested my vision. I felt the tears gathering again – tears of profound joy and love. And I felt a new wholeness filling my body.

The day was expansive and glorious. The women were open to healing and I felt so honored, humbled, to be the Healer in their midst. They trusted me to look into their lives – women whom I had never met until that day – and see their truths and lay my hands upon them to release their pains, heal their blocks, remove the drains. I felt myself opening up to supporting them and cherishing and loving each of them.

Montage Deer Valley Collage 04

I realized as the day went on that being a Healer is my ultimate passion. There is a richness unfounded in my calling that I am unable to put into words, but being there, that day, amongst those women, doing what I’ve been called to do and being who I am, I felt fully like a Queen. It was a full-body experience of living my purpose and embracing my Gifts. I came to understand that I am a Healer, innately and I can be a Healer anywhere, for anyone in any condition.

I look forward to seeing what is next and I wonder… how will Sanctuary manifest fully, completely and permanently? I want to live on property that is Sanctuary – a space where people come to transition through pain – whether it is from abuse, divorce, death of a loved one, whatever – that they want to do their own work to heal. Sanctuary is a place where people live for a time, until they are strong again and then they take their learning out into the world and live! it!  Sanctuary is where love abounds, healing is always present and acceptance is fully-embracing.

So, tell me Universe, how may I be of service to mankind through Sanctuary and how can I receive it? Because, I understand Sanctuary is already here – the Healers and Coaches are already in my realms. The investors are already lined up. The space is already consecrated. I am ready. What do you need of me to bring it into the Light?


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  1. What a beautiful experience.

    October 14, 2012 at 6:26 pm

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