Healing Through Touch

When I went to massage school back in 2004, the one thing that I immediately became certain of was that the human race was in severe need of healthy, non-sexual human touch. I knew that massage was a jumping off space for me, that I wouldn’t land there for good and after about six months of giving it a go at massage after graduation, I came to understand that, while massage is helpful, it doesn’t go to the core issue. I began thinking about what could possibly be going on that would make it so the healing benefits of massage just didn’t “stick” for my clients.

It was at this point that I first entered into training to eventually become a certified Reiki Master Teacher. While training to masterfully direct the Reiki energy within each of us, I was able to see how the physical manifestation of pain, disease and disorder really started deep within and, long before it manifested, it simmered in our energy, thoughts and emotions.

Being able to be witness to the incredible transformations in my clients is such an honor. Being able to support them in uncovering their glitches, their broken beliefs, their destructive behaviors, or their DNA programming that is ready to be released is incredibly amazing. Every time I see, hear, feel, or sense what needs to be done and share that with my client, I am in awe that I have been gifted with the ability to heal through touch.

For a long time, claiming my divine gift of healing was a very awkward thing. I fought it. In fact, while in massage school, we were taught that we weren’t “allowed” to say we cured anything. In my head, I equated curing with healing so I didn’t think I was supposed to own that I was a “healer.” That, and, I came from a religious upbringing wherein women did not do healing – they didn’t have the “power” to, only the men did. So I had quite a bit to work through as I built my foundation in energy healing.

One thing I discovered is that “curing” and “healing” are two very different things. Even though their dictionary definitions are practically cross-references for one another, I now realize that curing is a very external process – it happens from outside the patient and is reliant on medical intervention, drugs, etc – whereas healing comes from within and is solely up to the patient. As a Healer, I stand witness to my clients transformation while guiding and protecting them in the process.

As I have embraced my role as a Healer on this planet, I have had amazing opportunities unfold before me that I could have never imagined. One such opportunity is happening today at a full-day retreat at the Montage Deer Valley resort. I will be immersed in the energy of abundance, luxury and gentle healing as I bring my Gifts to the people attending the retreat. I have the honor of being the hands-on healer to a group of entrepreneurs who are creating the forward momentum of success. I will be spending the bulk of my day here:

Montage Deer Valley

For me, the honor of being chosen as the Healer for this event is twofold. First and foremost, I have been given the opportunity to be actively in my Healing Gifts all day long. I get the privilege of placing my hands on the attendees and assisting them in releasing the programming and blocks that have been holding them back from creating the lives and businesses they deserve. I get to support and be witness to their magnificence unfolding! I do believe that there are very few better ways for me to serve mankind. I am humbled.

The other reason is because this retreat is being held at this specific resort. You see, last year while I was in my business event planning class, our project was to plan every phase of a huge event. We had to pick the venue and I chose Montage Deer Valley for its size, location, convenience and its display of absolute luxury. My event was an award ceremony honoring the top-performing salespeople of an affluent corporation and, therefore, I wanted the venue to be a feast for the senses and a place where the attendees were enveloped in richness. The Montage fit the bill.

Since then, I have had a desire to experience firsthand what it feels like to be surrounded by the affluent ambiance of this resort. I remember saying out loud to the Universe, “I would love to go here!” I had no idea if or how it would happen, but I did know that I yearned to feel, for myself, the nature of that space.

Last night, as I talked to the facilitator in charge of the event, my jaw gaped open when she said to me, “Angie, I want you to be able to be able to participate and be relaxed and feel rich too. I want you to arrive a little early so that you have the opportunity to surround yourself with the space and feel luxurious. This event is about transforming your beliefs and your life into abundance and luxury…”

I cried quietly. I couldn’t stop myself. I had been honored to be chosen as the Healer for the event and that I would get to be surrounded by the opulence of Montage Deer Valley. I was thrilled that I simply got to soak it in with my eyes. I had no idea that, by being chosen, I was going to be gifted with the full embodied experience of the place. I didn’t realize I would get to soak in the waters. I didn’t realize I would get to physically bring into my body the experience of splendor. I almost couldn’t breathe as the full impact of the truth settled within me. My wish is coming true!


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