Emotional Evolution

Marriage Evolved

I follow a page on FB called MarriageEvolved (website) and they posted the above image that caught my attention after I had taken the opportunity to watch the first three episodes of “The New Normal” on hulu.com. With an already tender heart – after a couple of incredibly emotional days – I started the pilot episode because my best friend had mentioned in passing that she watches it faithfully. I was hooked from the get go. I had no idea, going into it, that it was a show that tackles one of the most emotionally-charged topics facing our nation today – gay rights. I am unabashedly proud of NBC for taking on this show!

I gasped. I cried. I swore. I laughed. I loved. I loathed. I stared in absolute disbelief when “Nana” uttered some of the most disgusting slurs toward everyone – attacking every race, financial class, sexual orientation, age, appearance, etc. I was horrified by her utter disregard for every. single. person. except her narcissistic self. The show was a rollercoaster of every swing of emotion on the scale. Especially for me, as an empath, who can feel the pain of the large portion of our population that is being represented by this show.

Without giving away too much of this show’s premise, I identified deeply with the main female character, Goldie, as she has just left her lying, cheating husband and taken her young daughter to create a better life for them. I cried as I witnessed her struggle to stand on her own two feet and all that rolled into the storyline because of her not-so-unique “status” in combination with the “status” of the gay couple.

As the third episode ended, and I declared myself complete for the night because I was a blubbering, snot-faced, red-eyed mess, I felt myself overflow with the strong love that I feel for all of humanity – the misfits, the outcasts, the victims, the perpetrators, the healthy, the sick, the old, the young, the rich, the poor, all races. Everyone. I feel such remorse that humans are treating one another so abominably – denying people their right to marry simply because they love someone of the same sex. I’ve watched my best friend in her beautiful relationship and can honestly say it has been a very long time since I’ve witnessed such an incredibly strong and honest relationship that is so full of love. She and her partner are an example of what *I* want for myself – no matter the gender of my partner.

It has been said that humans will be their own undoing through their overall intolerance of others and disgraceful treatment of one another. Through feeding the cycle of abuse and bullying – because, denying anyone their rights is abuse, it is bullying – we perpetuate an energy of hate that will erode our species until there is nothing left of us.

The time is NOW for us to unite together and put an end to hate and intolerance. Unconditional love begins with me and I stand up for all expressions of LOVE. I commit to a legacy of love and bringing forth its healing force from within me to add to the divine power. I invite you to do the same. Use your voice. And stand up for LOVE in a way that feels true to you.

We CAN transform humanity. WE! CAN! And we must. It is time.


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