The Fundamentals

Foundational Changes

In a collaborative effort with Everyday Joy radio, The Fundamentals is just that… a series of shows offering you the building blocks for creating a strong foundation in your life. Airing on Fridays, beginning September 28, 2012 (at a soon-to-be-determined time).

On The Fundamentals, we will share the Fundamental building blocks for creating a strong Foundation that will support you as you Transform your life. These skills are an Essential part of building a trust in yourself and the Divine, as well as living a life that is full of Love, Joy and Appreciation.

Feel free to join in the conversation about the shows in the Moments of Awakening group page on Facebook.

The Fundamental Series Show Titles

  • Willingness
  • Thoughts
  • Perception
  • Messages of Emotions
  • Accountability and Choice
  • Feedback
  • Messages of the Ego
  • Your Essence
  • Ego-Try-Angle
  • Villain-Angle
  • Hero-Angle
  • Victim-Angle
  • Accountability and Forgiveness
  • Letting Go
  • Trust
  • Allowing
  • Appreciation
  • Humility

*Each week a new podcast will be activated, giving you time to listen and practice the skills shared.


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