Spreading the Message

UniverseOn my Moments of Awakening radio show, I felt inspired to do a series of shows on the Twelve Universal Laws. While doing those shows, I was profoundly moved by the impact of having that information constantly in my awareness for weeks on end while I studied, meditated and prepared for each of the shows. It was an amazing experience and one through which I am irreversibly changed and eternally grateful.

Recently, I was approached by a listener of these shows who was looking to share them with his readers. Today, he sent me notice that the first of the shows is available on his site located at: www.squidoo.com/universal-understanding

I would love for you to follow that link and, if you haven’t had a chance yet, listen to the introductory show about the Universal Laws. (the link is contained in his recent post.) Michael is up to some pretty wonderful, magical things and I am grateful that our paths have crossed so beautifully.

I believe that, if we each start building connections with the sole/soul purpose of awakening and uplifting our souls, we will create a glorious web of shimmering light and healing energy. It IS within your power to transform your life to the magnificence for which you were designed. Join us!


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