As an artist, I am always curious to learn “how” other artists created their works. Over the past couple years, as the digital era has cascaded forward at magically warped top-speeds, I have come across artists and their works who have both astounded me and confounded me. Many of these artists, I’m happy to say, have been willing to divulge all of their creative processes for the particular piece and I have listened with awe and excitement as I’ve felt my own processes unfolding in my mind.

Today, I was doing some research, which I frequently do, to see what other Creatives are manifesting with the amazing software programs that I love – Adobe Creative Suite and Corel Painter. As is always the case, I sat staring at the screen with wonder as I got lost for hours on end with the delight, the images and the education that poured forth from my computer. I marvel at what people conceive and create!

Artwork by Jarek Kubicki

Artwork by Jarek Kubicki from article entitled “Spotlight on Jarek Kubicki” at link provided by clicking on image

In my research, I was reading through a newsletter from Adobe. I came across an article on the artist Jarek Kubicki and I stared in wonder at his amazing pieces and the incredible process he goes through in the creation thereof. In this article, he says something that really hit home with me:

“My advice to artists just starting on their creative journey is forget everything you know, everything you’ve seen before, forget about the appearance of objects and nature, set your mind free from these constraints. And when you feel free, then start to work.” 

I am grateful for those who have gone before me and who are willing to share of their journeys. I feel so excited for what is ahead of me!


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