I Am Beautiful!

This year, I attended my second Ignite Your Spark and have come away feeling gently, easefully, lovingly transformed with Grace. I remember last year and feeling so excited and charged up after the closing ceremonies. There were so many connections made and promises made and plans made and everything within me was electrically charged. I was certain things were going to change.

And they did change. In ways that I could have never imagined, but none of what was promised or planned came to fruition. And by the end of the year, I was frustrated and deflated and wondering, “What happened?”

I was scared to go to Ignite this year and hear more promises, make more plans and have nothing happen. I knew I needed to reignite my own spark, but I was afraid I wouldn’t succeed.

This year, I had an entirely different experience. I chose to stay within, be connected with my Self and God and I had a very spiritually powerful experience. I walked away with a quiet confidence and an assurance about myself. I felt opened up, somehow, and I could feel the Divine walking with me.

I feel different this year and less like I just left an Amway convention. I feel solid and grounded and strong. I feel like I’m fully in my body, without all that sparkly, heady, flighty feeling that usually follows catharsis. I am transformed and it was done through willingness to be open to the touch of God.

Here are some things I learned this weekend:

  • It is very powerful to have my daughter beside me having her own transformations and to get to witness her lighting up and feel her beautiful spirit.
  • I am enough.
  • It is time. Now.
  • I am learning how to BE in my doing-ness.
  • I am prepared to be “her” voice until she finds her own.

I am so grateful for having experienced this weekend and, especially, having had my beautiful daughter at my side. I feel overflowing with love.


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