Going FAST!

In honor of a very momentous occasion, I would like to share with you a card and its channeled message for which you can meditate on today…


Divinity is from the realm of the Masters. The message of this card reads:

The presence of divine Beings in your life is a gift. With them, comes unique understanding and knowledge that can be gained only through experiences across the millenia.

Divinity indicates you are ready to work with these Beings. You may have already sensed their presence and have grown open to the possibility of being partners or perhaps this is new to you. Either way, this card states that the Divine is surrounding you and you are ready.

There are things you can do to more easefully work with the Divine. It is necessary that you focus on balancing all areas of your life, especially your physical health. The energy of the Divine vibrates at a much different rate than human energy. To welcome it in, make sure you are well rested, hydrated and moving your body regularly so you can accommodate the shift as your energy rises to meet the Divine.

I’ve gotten the final “GO!” signal for my Intrinsic Universe cards and we will be going to press within a few enough days that the number is only in double digits! I’ve been consumed with passion, excitement and a tinge of fear. I’ve wanted this for so long that it seems quite surreal to be manifesting it right before my very eyes.

The incredible thing about manifesting is that it seems to happen suddenly, over night in a great big swoosh of accomplishment. Truth is, though, sometimes – especially on a project of this magnitude – it takes a lot of commitment, movement, planning, and follow-through behind the scenes to bring it to fruition.

I’m breathing in and feeling so grateful for this opportunity, for the Gifts of Art and Sight that supported me in the creation of these beautiful cards and for everyone who is having a part in the birthing of this baby… Ryan DePrima at Molding Box who is heading up the printing and has ridden the last waves of this project with me for almost a year now… the magical, gifted artisan, Nancy Towne of Wojeez who is masterfully creating the bags to lovingly encase these cards… Jen Halterman of Everyday Joy who introduced this project to her listeners and really got the ball of excitement rolling… to all my listeners at Moments of Awakening who have called in to get readings and have been waiting with anticipation for these cards to emerge into the world… my friends at SLCC who have watched the last phases of development with intrigue and huge support for the intensity of the undertaking which only they could appreciate because we were all in the same boat… and to my family who has watched every step of this process and cheered me on.

It has been such a powerful experience to bring this gift to the world and I’m really excited to see what happens next. If you’re interested in having your own Intrinsic Universe deck, you have only until midnight on Saturday, 3/3/12 to order them at the introductory special rate. Follow THIS LINK for more information.


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  1. You have my support …

    March 1, 2012 at 9:44 am

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