Painter’s Pants

I’m in love with school! I’m in love with the degree I’ve chosen to complete! I’m especially in love with the fact that I now have paint on my pants! White paint. Splattered on my right leg because I accidentally dropped the plug for my Skullcandy headset into a glob of white paint and then hastily pulled it out to fix it, dragging the glob of paint with it and splattering it down my right thigh and calf. Now my jeans have white splatters on them. I could have wiped it off because it’s acrylic paint and that’s water soluble, but I chose to leave it. Somehow, I see it as a mark of where I am in my life, what I am in the process of accomplishing and the fact that I simply love it! It feels good to have paint on my clothes again. It’s a sign that I’m feeding my creative nature which increases my love and joy. And that, my friends, is what being fully alive is about for me.

And this noticing got me to thinking and feeling curious about my readers. Do you know what lights you up? How do you feed your aliveness?


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