If you have had the opportunity to attend college, then you’re aware that, often, many of your classes – especially when you get further along in your degree – have requirements that must be met before you can be in the class. You may also know that, often, these requirements can be  “hidden” or not very clearly stated and easily misunderstood.

I discovered that to be the case when I found myself in a class that is required for practically every other class in my degree from here on out. This class is only offered two out of three semesters and it has TWO prerequisite classes. I thought the two classes were an either/or situation. They are not. They are an AND situation. And the other class I have to complete for this class is offered only at times that conflict with my other classes and is completely full – including the wait list. I feel scared. While I’m willing to drop TWO of my classes that compete for the conflicting schedule, the fact that the wait list is full is a problem. The school is not extending the class sizes beyond the initial max.

Life is like that sometimes. Sometimes there are things that you simply have to do before you can move on to the next phase. And, sometimes, those prerequisites can be unclear until you’re actually on the path and realize that you’ve skipped a step and must go back to accomplish it. What you do in that moment is crucial. You can either whine, stomp your feet and pitch an ugly fit. Or you can accept it and do what needs to be done to get that prerequisite resolved.

Yesterday, I chose to stick it out in the class that I cannot attend on the faith that the class that I must have will open up for me so that I can continue on this path I’ve begun.

And, if it doesn’t? Then, I’ll remember that everything is exactly perfect in every moment. And, perhaps, there is a part of the bigger picture that I’m unable to see.



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