Simple Pleasures

For Christmas, I got a new pair of pajama bottoms. They were the fluffy, warm, fleece kind and I was excited to get them since everyone in the house had their own pair too. I tried them on. They were comfy and I was happy. But… I would have liked them to be juuuuuust a little bit bigger…

I took them to the store to exchange them. There were no more pajamas of similar print in my size, so I began looking around at other jamma bottoms. There were some, but I realized I wanted slippers instead.

I went to the shoe department and happily discovered a pair of black, cushy ones that were adorned with a sparkling gem upon the satin bow that bedecked each stylish slipper. Now, when I walk around, every now and then, that gem catches the light just right and there is a glimmer of sparkle from below, as though there are fairies dancing about around my feet. Each time it happens, I giggle.

It’s these kind of simple pleasures that make my life such a joyful adventure!

simple pleasures


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