“X” Marks the Spot

In many ways, I have had a lifelong love affair with treasure hunts, “find a word” puzzles and problem solving. (As for the problem solving, it has been a sort of love/hate relationship, depending on what kind of problem it is that I am solving and what is required of me to solve it.) Any time I read a story or watch a show that has the line “X marks the spot” in it, I feel a thrill from deep inside me, somewhere in the hidden recesses of who I am and have yet to uncover. I am my own favorite treasure hunt!

I think this love affair stems from my natural, innate gifts of healing. Anytime I go on my own healing quest or facilitate another in their’s, it is like a treasure hunt because we are searching to uncover the gem that has been hidden. It is the greatest hunt ever since the end result is a happy, healthier, more productive me – or you.

This morning, when I looked out the window to enjoy the beauty of this glorious day, I was greeted with this…

x marks the spot

and I grinned because I heard  myself think, X marks the spot! And I immediately had an itching to see what was hidden beneath it.

For me, treasure hunts have a beautiful point. They have a hidden treasure at the end. And even better… there is great joy, for me, in the journey of getting to that treasure. And I think that is the true reason I love treasure hunts… the journey to the treasure hidden beneath the “X” that marks the spot.


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