Gotta LOVE it!

Intrinsic UniverseOne of the things I truly love about my life is my gift of healing. It is an innate gift that I ignored and denied for a very long time in an attempt to be “normal” so everyone would “like me.”

Another thing I love about my life is my gift of art. I LOVE that I am able to create beautiful imagery in many different forms and that I have finally allowed myself to do so. It was, for a long time, another part of myself that I denied. Although, this gift was denied because I thought I wasn’t good enough at it.

What is really cool is when these two innate gifts come together and things happen like the Intrinsic Universe. I am so damn excited about this deck and feel SO thrilled when I look at the mock up for the printer. The images are breathtaking – some of which I’m still surprised that *I* am the one that brought them forward. The text, when I read through it, still catches me off guard and is again something that I pause and just say, “WOW!”

It feels really good to have followed my impulses and to have generated such a physical, tangible piece of evidence of my innate gifts. What feels even better is sharing it with the world. Today, I had the opportunity twice to go on air and do quick, simple readings for callers on the Everyday Joy radio show and on my own Moments of Awakening radio show. It was such a rewarding experience to hear their awarenesses, to feel their emotions, to share the messages that came through for them.

It is something I so love to do… readings for other people. I love the experience of having their Guides speak through me and deliver messages that they so need to hear. I love the experience of hearing their joy, and even their sadness, in their voice as they take in their messages. I love it!

I feel so grateful for the opportunity of sharing my gifts with this planet. And I thank those of you who have found the courage to seek guidance and healing through this medium and the various other mediums I play in. Because YOUR courage to do so is such a blessing and a gift to me. It is a perpetual cycle of love.

Thank you!


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