11-11-11 11:11

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in a faraway cave somewhere where there is no internet or cell reception, then you have probably heard, at least once this year, all the hubabaloo about this date. Eleven-Eleven-Eleven. And, if you’ve been able to hear that, then you also know that Eleven:Eleven are very important times on this all-important date. They say that decades from now, younger generations will want to know, “What were you doing when the clocks struck 11:11 on 11-11-11,” as though it is going to be something as equally impactful as… say… when Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley were pronounced dead… or when the Towers fell… or when Bella married Edward. Something really big like that.

11-11-11 1111

There have been rumors of the apocalypse bouncing all over the media since we all survived the Y2K disaster. And, as the planet goes into further turmoil economically, environmentally, physically and climate-ly (not sure what “ly” word I’m supposed to use there, so I’ll make up my own), it has become easier for me to believe that, quite possibly, The End is very near. If you’re any sort of a scripture-reader in any religion (from what I gather) then you are…

(OMG! Ravens can make a hell of a lot of noise when they are playing in the rain gutter! I about peed my pants just now because I thought the apocalypse was happening even as I am writing about it because that damn bird sounded like it was pulling down the house!!!)

…aaaaaand… we’re back…

…then you are probably aware that scriptures list the signs of The Times and they sound really close to what we are all experiencing here on Earth. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why doomsdayers and soothsayers are calling out for you to repent, be forgiven and prepare to meet your Maker because, Lo! The End is near!

I have heard everything being prophesied for this day. Everything from “utopia will descend upon us” to “all evil in hell will be unleashed upon us.” I’ve heard rumors of terrorist attacks, monstrous earthquakes and that all of the creatures from the Magickal Kingdom suddenly becoming visible for all to see and know. The stories have been wide and varied and, I must admit, there were a few moments where I thought, Well… maybe I’ll just hang out near my daughter’s school with a full tank of gas and all of our food so that if The Earthquake DOES hit today, I’ll be able to get to her and then get the hell out of dodge. Barring, of course, that neither of us are crushed in the rubble…

This world really is in a horrible state, pretty much across the board. And I also understand that our planet is due for some pretty significant seismic shifts according to scientific data and that we’re completely frying the ozone which is effecting the polar ice caps and that, somehow, our planet is shifting off its axis. And I think that is why it is so easy to hope for a total Do-Over for the entire planet, no matter what the cost is to get there – total, utter, destruction akin to the scenes in Terminator.

Keeping all this in mind, I chose to honor my 11-11-11 11:11 by being here with you, writing this somewhat snarky piece (remember, I warned you a couple days ago that I get snarky while sick) because writing is what I love to do. I figure, if 11-11-11 11:11 is that monumentally important – group of 60 seconds infused with such magical, numerological power – then I should spend that time doing what I love.

I can’t think of anything more perfect to do for this occasion. And, as I wrap up this post in time to send it into the ethers, I received a text from my daughter, “11:11!” and, together we celebrated.

How appropriate.

ps… I’m still alive. The sun is still shining as it was at 11:10:59 and the only thing that has moved has been my fingers. And, while I can see that fairy over there, that isn’t unusual for me and I’m certain you wouldn’t be able to see her unless you already believed in fairies and had seen them before. Oh. She’s nodding her head. She agrees.

Blessed be, friends! We survived another apocalypse.

However… perhaps all of this is some grand demon’s scheme to get us all lulled into complacency so we’ll be numb enough not to notice The Real The End. Hmmmm… something to ponder…


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