Curiosity in the Silence

quietThere are times when Spirit puts me on still and mute, when I am guided to do nothing and say nothing. Which, for me, is so very difficult. As a natural born Do-er, these moments of stillness and silence are very big stretches for me. I have realized, though, that these quiet times always proceed fantastic, huge shifts in my awareness and in my practices and in my work.

For most of my life, I judged these times harshly because I wasn’t “DOING” enough, therefore, in my book, I wasn’t “BEING” enough. My form of Being is expressed through that which I naturally do – write, create art, heal, dance. Much of my natural creativity, the essence of who I am, is movement so when I am not moving it feels contrary to who I am. However, after becoming intimately aware of my own actions and my own experiences and my own feelings, I have come to understand that this familiar quietness, the space that I am in now, is something to be cherished.

It doesn’t happen frequently, this silent stillness, but when it does now, I choose to look through the lens of curiosity and wonderment because I know that something – something BIG – is heading my way. Now, I take this time to prepare, to rest and to store up the deliciousness of silence and stillness. Now, I choose gratitude and appreciation for this state because I know… it’s all part of the plan.


2 responses

  1. For some reason my husband thinks I’m suppose to be loud. I am quite, and in those moments of quite I am listening, I am taking in, I am learning, but even more so I am getting ready to grow. Don’t dismiss your moments of quite, instead learn to embrace them and find their purpose. Breathe.

    October 26, 2011 at 9:29 pm

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