Rain Falling on the Night

It is so very late and I think I’m tired. However, I can’t be sure. I got home 45 minutes ago after a rockin’ Zumba class and a little bit of grocery shopping to discover that I am wide awake. So I made my lunch – a much healthier fare than what I headed out the door with today!

Outside, the world is glistening in the street lights, the streets as black as coal and shining with liquid diamonds as the cold front washes through our valley in bone-chilling rain and predicted snow in the mountains. When the weather starts turning like this, I feel all cozy inside, like I want to wrap up in a blankey, grab an awesome book and maybe even light a fire. Of course, I’d need a little more than firelight to read by, but you get the point.

I’ve fallen in love with movement again. It feel so delicious to be dancing and stretching so frequently and I’m beginning to notice a rise in my underlying energy level, as well as a drop on the scales. I don’t pay much attention to the scales (we’ve discussed this before… the scales are not my friends) but I have taken note that my step feels a little lighter, I can walk up three flights of stairs at a pretty good clip with out feeling winded and as though I’m going to die and I’m actually keeping up with Zumba. It’s reassuring to know that my body responds to my attention like this.

And… funny… as I’ve sat here writing this, with really no point to the post but to clear my mind, my body is winding down and I just drew a complete blank. Now I’m tired.

That’s good!

Because sleep sounds delightful.


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