Delirium of the Sleep-Deprived

I sat down at my computer to pound out a blog post before I had to go to school. And… this is what happened…


See… I got this nifty new Mac and there’s all sorts of cool things that it does so I’ve been playing for hours with iMovie and Garageband and and and and… This weekend, in fact, I played more than I slept and, well, it has caught up with me.

My brain is muddled and I’m tired. And now I get to go to school for three hours of a bad Tom Shane impersonator (that will only make sense if you live in Salt Lake and are familiar with the commercials for Shane Co. Jewelers) who says “um” a lot (75 times per a 15-minute period) and then I get to go bounce around the dance room with my firecracker of a Zumba instructor.

I need a nap just thinking about it all.



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