Intentional Resting

I frequently get asked about some of the things I do to keep me going, to keep me happy, to keep me uplifted. One of my favorite tools is Intentional Resting. I have the privilege of knowing Dan Howard, the creator of this amazing tool, and have had the opportunity to be in his presence every now and again. My experience of him is he is as soothing as the tool he is bringing to the world. This is such a simple tool… something our body does naturally. And I am in such deep appreciation for the gift of it.

Intentional Resting


I remember the first time I was introduced to Intentional Resting. It was one of those things that I went, hmmmm… wow! So simple! Why didn’t I think of this earlier???! But I fell in love with it right away. Now, I use it whenever I lay down to sleep or when I feel a need to recharge my battery.

Tonight was a night that I needed a recharge so, when we got home at 3:15, I informed Kait I would be laying down until 4:00 to rest. When I laid down, I started the process I learned with Dan and talked to my body to intentionally rest to restore and rejuvenate itself. Then, I let go. (Interesting… letting go has been the theme this week on Moments of Awakening… hmmmm… time to talk about Intentional Resting there again, I imagine.)

I had set an alarm for 4:00 so I was able to release myself from worrying about the time. I needed to be sure to rise at 4:00 so I could eat and get back to school in time. I had expected to need the entire 45 minutes as I felt myself sliding into the ethers of rest. It was an exciting resting period… lucid dreaming and visioning, all while my body laid still in a meditative state.

Suddenly, I felt myself slide back into Home and my eyes gently eased open. You can imagine my surprise when I sat up, feeling as though I had slept for 8 hours, to discover it was only 3:40. I was refreshed, rejuvenated and alert.

Oh! How I LOVE Intentional Resting!


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