It’s a Choice…

My Sacred Grove

Whew! What a day this has been so far! And I’m barely halfway through it. This beautiful image above is from the heart of Liberty Park, taken just 90 minutes ago…

I appreciate that my life has become an opportunity to feel and to grow and to be aware of where I am in each moment. And, sometimes, this means that my emotions overflow in tears rolling down my face, unexpectedly. Just as they are now. Here… in a coffee shop… amidst strangers… I cry.

Bumpy segue…

I walked into my drawing class this morning feeling chipper and spry. I’ve always wanted to feel chipper and spry so, to say that I felt chipper and spry is a delight! I was the first student to arrive and the room was set up and waiting patiently for the artists to gaze upon it.

“Hello,” said my professor. “How are you today?”

“Hi,” I responded cheerily. “I’m fabulous!”

He grinned and replied, “That’s an awesome attitude!”

Without thinking, I naturally replied, “Yes, well, life is a choice.”

He smiled even more broadly. “Yes. Yes it is.”

I went about setting up to begin drawing and contemplated what I had said without much thought. Life is a choice. Hmmmm… It IS a choice and it IS what I’ve been talking about on my shows over the last little while – choosing IN to your life and choosing IN in a big way. I’ve been practicing it and teaching it for so long, it has become a belief. A natural belief that shows up in unexpected places and bursts forth amongst even the muggles.

And, now, here I sit in the coffee shop, feeling some really big emotions – sadness, missing my two best friends, longing – and the expression of that is wanting to come through tears. So my choice is this: block the emotions or allow them to flow.

I choose flow.


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