The Love From Within

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The Love From Within

The door slowly opened and I followed my daughter into one of our most favorite spaces – Game Night at the home of our dear friends. There was a lot of activity as streams of people flowed in and gathered in the family room, laughing and chatting as though we hadn’t seen each other for years, although we had all been there just one week before. There was hugging and greeting and catching up.

I smiled as I watched the interchanges, feeling happier than I had once thought possible. Then, one of the men turned and saw me, “ANGIE!” His voice echoed with delight and I grinned even more broadly than before as I watched his face light up. He seemed incredibly, sincerely happy to see me.

“I’m so glad you’re here. You have a way of making me feel so good about myself just by being here. You do nothing, and yet I feel better.”

His bubbly enthusiasm was a delicious surprise, but so unexpected and I suddenly felt sparkly and giddy as I asked, “Are you serious?

He laughed. “Absolutely!”

The moment was quite surreal and, yet, at the same time it was a testament to the strong commitment I have to loving myself. On my radio show and my blog, I focus on sharing stories and tools in support of developing a strong foundation of self-love.  I have a firm belief that love IS what this planet needs now as we face into the rapid-fire pace of life and the ever-changing world.

Building your life upon a foundation of self-love, wherein YOU are
the source and the receiver of your most caring, gentle attitudes,
creates an energy that attracts to you the same. You truly are the
creator of your life and you have the ability to create it in the most
delicious of ways.

So, my friend, I ask you, in what
ways have you been gentle and loving with yourself today? How have you
inspired yourself? Is the life you are creating the life you want to live? And, upon walking into a room, are you being received in ways that light you up?

Reach within and embrace yourself and then share that beautifulness with the world.

© Angie K. Millgate 09/03/11

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