Full, Satisfied and Flowing

If you’ve not been here before, you are unaware that I am operating under a very powerful commitment. If you have been here, then you are aware that I have frequently shared this commitment and the next line will sound familiar to you:


FlowingThis commitment is the most powerful gift I have given myself and it has transformed each and every experience I have had since I made it. What I love most is how it has heightened my senses and sensations in those experiences and how life has taken on a deeply rich dimension unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

For the last few weeks, on my radio show, Moments of Awakening, I have been talking about the Universal Laws. One of the new listeners, who happens to be a Lightworker, recently asked me, “Angie, do you really practice these laws?” I took a deep breath before I responded and checked in. It’s important to me that what I say/write be in agreement with how I’m living my life, my daily practices and my beliefs. Am I living these laws?

The conclusion was: Yes. These laws are something I’m sharing on my show, something I’m teaching, therefore I am practicing it. By discovering written information about the Universal Laws and being able to identify them and put into language much of what I do innately, I have brought these laws to the forefront of my life and they have become the filter through which I am now viewing the world. And that filter has tainted everything with beauty, wonder and appreciation.

In example…

Today, I took myself to lunch. I went to a restaurant that has salads that my body craves. This restaurant also happens to hold a lot of dear memories for me and so it feels like going home. My practice at this place is to find a small booth, order my salad, put on gentle, positive-message music in my headset and then read an uplifting book. You can frequently find me doing this very thing on Tuesdays and Thursdays because that is when I have Yoga and a salad afterward seems perfectly fitting to me.

As I went through the ritual of beginning my lunch practice, I felt myself feeling suddenly full – to the point of pending overflow. I had loving music flowing into me, filling my ears with appreciation; I had delicious, crisp salad filling my belly with deliciousness; I had my eyes reading material that was astounding and filling my mind with enlightenment. Suddenly, a huge wave of appreciation washed over me and tears spilled over my lashes and slid down my cheeks. There, in the restaurant, I was having a “moment” and there was nothing I could do to stop it – nor would I want to.

Yes, my friends, although I do not claim to be impeccably doing so, I am living these laws. And what I’m discovering by invoking the collection of their energy into my life is that it has amped up my awareness of all the magic and miracles that are all around me – that are all around all of us. This is, indeed, a blessed life and, yes, I am this perky in real life. Even in the “hard” times, I will look for the love.

And I think that makes the difference. I’d love to have you play too! What do you think?


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