Trusting by the Steps

"Trusting by the Steps" (c) Angie K. Millgate 2011

"Trusting by the Steps" (c) Angie K. Millgate 2011

I have been thinking as of late about the turn of events that have taken place in my life over the last 2 years. Back then, I could have never imagined the path that was being laid out before me to follow, nor could I have fathomed what I would experience or what it would mean to me. The steps I would eventually take were not visible to me in the beginning – I couldn’t even see the path, let alone know which direction to turn.

My life has become a Trust Walk in every way. I haven’t been able to see where the next bend was or even known which way to step at the splits as I approached them. I have literally taken every step in faith, listening with my heart for those oh so subtle nudges so that I could know what I needed to do in the next breath.

There have been times when I have paused on my path and taken a deep breath to get re-centered and I’ve felt awe as I look at my life in that moment and realize that everything that I once thought to be outlandish and impossible is now, quite surprisingly, very real and tangible. Beliefs I once couldn’t comprehend, I now understand. Experiences that I once believed to be the ravings of delusional minds, I now witness. At times, and more frequently as of late, I hear myself saying out loud incredulously, “And this is normal.”

I once made the commitment to be fully alive and in love with me. What has happened from that moment has been a very surreal experience, but one I would never trade for any reason. It feels good to be alive and to be experiencing the miracles and magic of this life.


2 responses

  1. nous1

    Hi Angie
    Keep following your heart, intuition, inner self or soul.
    There can be no greater path to take.
    Like many of us you found yourself lost, like a ship in a storm. Trusting the inner self helps guide you to YOUR destination (nobody else’s).
    Well done and keep inspiring.
    Stephen (alias nous1 hee hee)

    September 5, 2011 at 5:13 am

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