Seeing the Light in the Impending Storm

I threw open the curtains this morning feeling as excited as though it was Christmas morning because I could feel the truth of what I would discover when the outside was revealed to me. And, indeed, when the windows were unmasked I was greeted by a gray day with a sky heavily weighted with ominous clouds and I felt like rejoicing. As I’ve grown in this journey of falling in love with myself I am discovering that each experience holds love and delight for me – even those experiences that others may deem as unpalatable, such as this gloomy day. However, what is happening for me is the appreciation of the cool breeze, the smell of rain in the atmosphere, the muted calmness created by the humid air and the feel of moisture kissing my skin. There is beauty in everything if you choose to see it.

So, today, I am appreciating… * this gorgeous storm that is hanging in the air * the ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything, even when those around me cannot * knowing that I have loved and I have loved well * the sound of the garbage truck outside busily and noisily going about its business taking away the trash so our so our trash is only “unsightly” in specific places in the valley instead of all around the streets * the opportunity to spend time with my best friend today doing absolutely nothing and everything * my daughter’s excitement about today because she gets to spend time with her boyfriend * the gift of this summer.

And… so it is!


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