Foreign Language

At one point in my training, I began working with a Spirit Guide – who is now present with me always – who spoke to me in a language my ears didn’t understand, but my heart and soul immediately knew. In the process of learning from him, I came to understand that language is more than words. It is the energy, emotion and movement of what is being spoken. Learning this has helped me to understand why it is so important to listen to my own thoughts so I know what I am speaking to myself underneath the radar.

Today, I am appreciating… * the divine music of E.S. Posthumus and how it wakes me up * learning to listen * watching my life transform * feeling at peace * playing in the rain with my daughter * having the ability to go grocery shopping and say “yes” to her yearnings for raspberries and ladyfingers * fantasy-fiction stories/movies that alter my perception and give me a lot to think about * the fact that we have another new member in our family as my brother and his wife, as foster parents, brought a beautiful baby into our world last night * remembrance.

I am loving my life!


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