Stillness for a Moment

I experienced A LOT of movement this weekend… Samba for 2 hours Saturday night… water fight and DDR with the family last night. Lots and lots of movement. And every moment of it was delicious and filled with love. Today, I feel very quiet and still inside and as though I want to hibernate. I feel peaceful and slow-moving so I believe I will honor that feeling… making time for rest when I have that impulse… moving slowly… breathing deeply.

Today, I am appreciating * my life because I have set it up so that I do have the privilege of following my impulses * the sight of the large tomato on the window sill growing redder by the moment… I LOVE tomatoes! * my phone’s ability to capture video so that I can capture the magical moments * a bed to lay upon * the quietness and gentleness of this day * the rowdiness of the weekend * being unable to sleep all night because of all the energy coursing through me, feeling not that super as I did so, but then being able to take a morning nap and feeling so much better * perfectly-ripened bananas * spending hours with my family and laughing with them until my sides hurt.

I am loving my life!


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