Falling In Love

I didn’t know that I would fall so big, so deep and so completely when I discovered myself and that it was ME that I best matched! I didn’t realize that falling in love with me would be the thing that shifted my perspective so drastically, so deliciously. I didn’t stop to think that falling in love with me, a process that has developed over time and with persistence, that it would be a lifelong relationship. And, even though I didn’t know, realize or think about all that… it has been a very delightful discovery!

Today, I am appreciating * the GiST community and how having this space for sharing grace has inspired me to be in love and gratitude daily, thus growing my experience of love and gratitude * the Moments of Awakening show which has also become an opportunity to be in love and gratitude daily, opening me up to inspiration and a creative mindset 24/7 * the sensation of being in a “breeze tunnel” as I sit here in the kitchen with the front and back doors opened, the summer breeze blowing clean air through the house, clearing the space and livening things up * being able to attend a special premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 and the experience of being in a megaplex theater teeming with people in costume and so excited about being there. Everywhere I looked, the entire complex was full of Harrys and Lunas and Voldemorts. So fun! * the message of love that was so profound in those movies * the sun. It rises every day, without fail. The greatest life-affirming symbol there could ever be.

I am loving my life!


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