Talking to Yourself

Have you ever been around someone who mumbles all the time and when you say, “What did you say?” they respond with, “Oh nothing. I was just talking to myself.” I have a story that the brains of most people sounds like that 24/7… mumble mumble mumble grumble… and, most of the time, they are not aware of the things they are saying to themselves. My path of falling in love with me has developed through becoming very aware of those mumble-grumble thoughts and striving to replace them with love-love-love thoughts. It has been a delicious journey!

Today, I am so appreciating… * a fun game of “Crazy Train” with friends and loved ones last night * walking with my Kaitlyn in the rain at the close of the day last night * the excitement that erupted yesterday in the shower because I asked, “What is next on this path?” and the inspiration for the sequel to Above the Clouds opened up and began pouring out of me! Wooooohoooooo! * the feel of my wet, cold hair against my bare skin * the sun filtering through the leaves on the tree outside the kitchen window * preparing for this week’s shows on clarity * not following my food plan yesterday at all and loving myself anyway * that we have tickets for the sneak premier on Thursday at 5pm for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!!

I’m loving this beautiful life!


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