Put Your Arms Around Me

Falling in love with myself is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever gone through. In the beginning, I thought it was all a bunch of hooey and that people were blowing smoke about it being the answer to everything. It IS the answer to everything… but I’ve come to realize that it is the answer to everything because a lot of my questions have changed. Also, my tolerance boundaries are altered, my expectations are different and my vision is clarified.

Today, I am so appreciating… * the experience of attending a country-themed wedding of two very sweet young people in a barn, surrounded by lots of love * the opportunity to be their photographer * looking at the memories captured for life through my work * central air conditioning that allows me to come inside for a respite from the blasting heat outside * BBQs * programs that promote my self-love * working with Miss Annette Mease and Miss Becky Sampson * coming back to me * remembering who I am * loving each step of the way.

It is a beautiful life, indeed!


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