Breathing It All In

I awoke on this cloudy summer day and smiled because I LOVE cloudy summer days. I am one of those people that finds great joy in clouds and rain. I feel peaceful and productive on days like this.

Today, I am appreciating… * being able to attend the Tibetan Singing Bowls session last night with Bill Cael * a good night’s sleep * sticking to my eating plan yesterday and feeling so empowered as a result * the prospect of going swimming today * getting homework done quickly and easefully * positive messages in music * being able to see * an unlimited supply of clean drinking water and ice cubes * all the opportunities that are showing up to teach me about money – the very thing for which I’ve been asking * friends * my beautiful daughter who is learning really cool things and sharing them with me * her laughter * the feeling of excitement I have coursing through me.

I love my life!


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