Kaitlyn Sparkles

Kaitlyn Sparkles

As the gray clouds gather over my city and the air is weighted heavily with the smell of sulfur and humidity, I find myself feeling quiet and thoughtful. It has been a long weekend full of celebrations, BBQs, fireworks every night and a lot of laughter. I’m feeling tired… the good kind of tired that comes from playing full out and I like that.

Today, I am appreciating… * my freedom * what my freedom has allowed me to do * the soldiers who have fought for and defended our freedoms down through the ages * my cousin, Jeff Fisher, who is currently on active duty in the military * learning love * feeling myself light up * the nearby high school that keeps its football field unlocked so I can walk/run the track/bleachers * myself for mastering the art of moment-to-moment awareness.

I am loving my life.


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