Note from the Universe

I subscribe to the Tut Club and receive notes from the universe each weekday morning from within this club. And while I know these are generically created and everyone in the database gets pretty much the same note as me each day, I still feel touched and find that most of them feel like they were written specifically for me. Yesterday’s touched me and brought tears to my eyes. I want to save it…

Some will hear, but not listen.
Some will listen, but not understand.
And some will understand, but not act.
But, Angie, OMG, once you help millions of people every day…
rest assured these very same friends will call you “lucky,”
as they secretly begin to move with their own dreams.

Love to love you,
The Universe

ps… You are an inspiration, Angie, here on earth and to unknown life forms in parallel worlds.

And, I must say… I TOTALLY love that The Universe says, “OMG!”


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