Midday Appreciations

Summer is well under way and I am still trying to get the hang of my schedule. I love that *I* am the only person I must answer to when it comes to “staying on schedule” so there has been a lot of adjusting going on in my world. I’m really loving that my body has WANTED to get up and move first thing in the morning every day for a couple weeks now. This has resulted in me getting out in the beautiful morning and waking up with the sun, the birds and the sprinklers. What a delight!

Today, I am appreciating… * ice water * fudge-topped Oreos to snack on while doing math * left over fruit salad for breakfast * phones… they make it so much easier to get business done * online shopping… just ordered some COOL “thank you” cards * the CardioTracker health app I got to download to my phone and the fact that it talked to me during my entire walk/run this morning * the soldier whose family lives across the street from us. He comes home from Afghanistan today – after his fourth tour of duty in Iraq and/or Afghanistan – and our neighborhood is lined with American flags. It looks so cool! * the full moon and the lunar eclipse even though I’m in North America and can’t see it * facebook… it is so cool for making connections * the fact that I sent in my registration money for my attendance to my 25th high school reunion… somehow, it has been 25 years since I graduated which I don’t know how that is possible since I still feel, sometimes, like I’m 18!!!

I am, indeed, so very blessed!


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