Welcoming It In

I am noticing that I am getting more graceful and smooth with releasing what was, accepting what is, and welcoming in what will be. In the past, that has not been one of my skills so being able to do it now is refreshing. I’m also aware that I have the power to choose in, choose out and choose again. What a delicious piece of knowing I’ve embraced!

Today, I am appreciating… * myself for choosing out of something that was continually causing me pain * myself for, in moments of sadness over the last 24 hours, I am remembering who I am and what I am meant for to ease the pain of sorrow * my new walking/running shoes, the bounce they’ve added to my step and the support they provide my arches * the ability to get those new walking/running shoes because they were sorely needed and hadn’t been a “priority” for far too long * myself for making myself a priority in my life * the opening song to my radio show… it feels like the sunrise to me and seems to be full of hope and joy * that I have clean water to drink whenever I need it * being able to spend the day with loved ones yesterday, all day * going to bed early, when my body is ready and sleeping soundly, peacefully and restfully.

I am so very blessed.


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