Singing a Happy Song

This day is a beautiful day and I feel so blessed that I am able to be witness to it, to be experiencing it, to be part of it. I love how the energy of joy and love are increasing in my life and that I am, indeed, seeing “what you focus on grows.”

Today, I am appreciating… * the song of that bird out there who sounds happier than any other bird * the color of the leaves as the sun shines through them * the feel of the cool morning breeze coming through the open window and kissing my skin * netflix for bringing me movies anytime I want * chocolate * my Girl Tribe – a fabulous group of women gathering together to celebrate life * the topic for my upcoming show today, “Powerful Persistence” *how information is presented to me to share with others during my show * my daughter’s gentle heart * hearing of her adventures and watching her grow.

I am so blessed.


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